Mata Hari

Dutch National Ballet 
Photos: © Marc Haegeman Photography

Choreography: Ted Brandsen 
Music: Tarik O’Regan 
Libretto & Dramaturgy: Janine Brogt 
Set design: Clement & Sanôu 
Costume design: François-Noël Cherpin 
Light design: Bert Dalhuysen

“…Mata Hari is a timeless production and very strong in atmosphere. Everything from the costumes to the set designs to the music is harmonious and the modern and the traditional come together in a tasteful way. The stage sets are minimalistic, often just an empty spacious ballroom converted to different locations by adding a few classic pieces of Indonesian or Parisian furniture. The same goes for the costume designs: Mata Hari’s dresses are made of classic white lace and red silk amongst others, but have a modern day cut…”

“Mata Hari is an enterprise of epic proportions: a commisioned score from Tarik O’Regan (his first for a ballet), hundreds of stylish costumes by François-Noël Cherpin and a set designed by Clement and Sanôu that morphs from provincial Holland via Indonesia to the Paris of the belle époque and, finally, to war-torn battlefields. The scope is breathtaking…”
from Dancing Times of 06-02-2016

“…The costumes designed by François-Noël Cherpin – from the strict black outfits of Magaretha Zelle’s aunts and uncles…, the light clothing in the warm climate of the Dutch East Indies to the frivolous, intensely colorful costumes of Parisian night life – also accentuate the mood of each scene…”
from Theaterkrant of 06-02-2016